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Mittwoch, 29. Mai 2013


I specialise in walk-in sculptures in steel for entrance halls and gardens/outdoors, partly amplified through colour and leaf gilding.
These works provide experiences that make life more intense.
My walk-in sculptures foster the development of new thoughts as they change your perception of proximities. You are able to let yourself glide into new horizons whilst buzzing in energies you create through your own mind.
Thus they are perfect places to arrange meetings, brainstormings, gatherings, think tanks or just dinner parties in an extraordinary setting. They merge simplicity, pureness and strength and appear light and fragile at the same time.

one example:

220 cm height, 300 cm diametre, 1,4cm strong

another possibility is to plant trees inside the sculpture, so after a while, nature and art cannot be separated anymore without destroying one or the other. one example here:

Steel Skin
180 cm height, 120cm diametre, 1,2 cm strong